The Addersons


Loretta Stephens Adderson is a USDA certified organic farmer in Burke County, Georgia USA. She and her husband, Samuel, grow produce on a 44 acre farm that was started by her parents.

Samuel Ezekiel Adderson is a USDA certified organic farmer in Burke County, Georgia USA with is his wife, Loretta. Samuel is a former Engineer with PPG, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. He and his two sisters were raised in the Plantersville Community near Georgetown, SC.

Loretta is from Keysville, Georgia and is the only daughter of a farmer and his wife.  She grew up with 6 brothers in the farmhouse where she was born.  She is a proud graduate of Waynesboro High & Industrial School in Waynesboro, Georgia class of 1962.

After graduation, Loretta was looking for employment. Like many young ladies during the 1960’s, Loretta secured a job caring for a family in New York. She got a bus ticket and headed to The City for the first time.

Two years later, Mrs. Adderson yearned to attend college. Because life on the farm sometimes limited primary school attendance, Loretta knew that she would need assistance gaining entrance. With the help of her father and school administrators, Loretta was granted acceptance into Savannah State College. There, she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics & Institutional Management with a minor in Chemistry.

Mr. Adderson is a graduate of Choppee High School and graduated third in his class; he majored in mathematics from Savannah State College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree.

Loretta met and married Samuel in College, and after graduation, Loretta became a teacher at Choppee High School in Georgetown, SC. 

Samuel was drafted to Viet Nam soon after they were married. When he returned to the USA, he was stationed in Carlisle, PA.

This move created career advances for both Samuel & Loretta.

Loretta worked as a Nutritionist throughout the state of Pennsylvania for Penn State University (Nittany Lions) and the State of Pennsylvania where she was Director of the State School Lunch Program.

Mrs. Adderson has also worked in Food Service at Fort Valley State College in Georgia and then at Oakland University in Michigan.

Throughout her career, Loretta oversaw nutrition for over 100,000 people.

Now as retirees, Loretta and Samuel are participating in even more important work. Together they own and operate a USDA certified organic farm, have established farmer’s markets in urban and rural areas, mentor and provide hands-on training for more than 10 farmers at a time, are well known in the community for sponsoring organic farming efforts, selling healthy foods at farmer’s markets, creating innovative farm products, using the old-fashioned method to can fruits & vegetables, dehydrating plants, and Mentoring many aspiring growers & business owners. 

They are caring family members, parents, and grandparents and a role models to many.

Loretta on the Farm as a teenager

Loretta on the Farm as a teenager